Introducing The AppSec Team

News Jun 10, 2022

Created by AppSec professionals for you

The AppSec Team is a brand new community founded by experienced AppSec professionals to learn, share and discuss everything Application Security. We bring like-minded people together to share ideas, discuss challenges and help others.

We understand the challenges of application security and have first-hand knowledge of building, maintaining and scaling security teams and programs from scratch.

We are an independent community; not affiliated with or sponsored by any security vendors.

Bombarding you with marketing emails and biased product reviews is not on the agenda. Providing insights and experiences from real-world application security teams is our sole purpose.

We're passionate about AppSec, are you?

Sharing to enable others

There's tons of quality information about application security on the internet. This information can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for those new to the sector or working alone.

Imagine you’re making a cocktail and you’ve got the ingredient list in front of you, you’d be able to attempt some shaking and pouring. But, without a recipe or guidance from somebody who’s trialled, errored and perfected, you wouldn’t know the order, the timings and the techniques needed. - credit

As a community, we want to provide a rich source of knowledge and experience to help you turbocharge your application security career and programs.

Things we plan to discuss

Our heads are full of things that we want to share and discuss with you:

Let us know what interests you or if you want to contribute

Be part of The AppSec Team

Being a security professional can be a lonely affair, but it doesn't have to be anymore. We want you to be part of the AppSec Team. Join us on a quest to deliver security excellence.

Come and be part of the team

Reaching out is easy; the AppSec Team community is not just limited to one-way conversations. Alongside our blogging platform, we have also created a forum where people can ask questions, share their experiences, and discuss everything AppSec.

The Appsec Team Chat
The Appsec Team Chat

For those wanting a more interactive chat experience and faster responses we will shortly be launching The AppSec Team Discord Server


Scott Mitchell

Experienced AppSec leader and enabler. I have progressed from being "the security guy" to creating and leading a global security program. Sharing knowledge and learning from others is my passion.